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About Aksharika
Governing Body
Aksharika Education Foundation is an endeavour for Child Education in Madhya Pradesh. Aksharika is a registered charitable non-profit organization. It was established by voluntary efforts of non-formal education for underprivileged children in Bhopal in 2013. It is currently involved in the sectors of education, health and environment with Children and Women from weaker sections as their target beneficiaries.
Our Objectives 
1) To educate the people by providing education facilities in the different field areas mainly for children,   women, other backward classes and poor people of the society,
2) To promote environment awareness,
3) To provide health facilities & medical benefits,
4) To work in support of human rights, social justice & social welfare,
5) To promote or support Educational, Health and Medicinal Research and Development work and   programmes for the backward classes.

Our Vision 
Aksharika fosters the dream of a society educated to the highest standards and true to the meaning of education, and thereby empowered to the highest order of justice and correct to the definition of empowerment.

Our Philosophy
Education does not mean literacy. Education does not even mean higher qualification. Education is much more! Education is a process and stage where an individual understands and propagates the right way of life. A person should be called educated when he starts exercising knowledge and maturity by civilized code of conduct. Education is learning, unlearning, accepting, questioning, implementing, changing, defining and redefining all at the same time through the conscientiousness of good, constructiveness and betterment.

An educated person when deems work fit for the society in respect with the current times, and paves a way for it, he empowers himself and creates empowerment for the nation. Empowerment should enable equal opportunities of survival. Empowerment should take care of humanities. This empowerment should bring independence and intelligence for every common man and create a just society. And a just society promotes education, thus bringing the process to full circle.
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